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A game takes place in a world. Writing creates the world.

The essence of gaming is interactivity — the gameplay itself. But the gameplay is rarely abstract; it takes place in an imaginary world. Describing this world is the business of the writer.

Games need creative writing of many different kinds. I can supply:

  • Dialog and voiceover material
  • Character design and backgrounds
  • Narrative elements — briefings, non-interactive sequences
  • A complete story arc for the entire game
  • Backstory and introductory material for the manual

I'll work closely with you to make your vision a reality, to create a world your customers will believe in and want to visit. Real dialog, not corny movie-of-the-week lines. Real characters, not tired old stereotypes. Real plots, not rehashes of old TV shows.

The writing in most computer games is terrible. That's because it's treated as unimportant and often left until last. But it doesn't have to be — make it a priority and your game will stand out from the others.

Working as a lead game designer at Bullfrog Productions, I was responsible for creating all the backstory, plot, characters, and other narrative elements of the projects I was working on. As the audio/video producer for Madden NFL Football, I routinely wrote 70 page audio recording scripts for the play-by-play, as well as video introductions to the game and material teaching the elements of football.

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