Top Ten Reasons to Hire
a Design Consultant


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The Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Design Consultant

10. You only pay for actual work: no benefits, no vacation, no sick leave, not even a coffee break on company time. It's like having your own medieval serf.

9. Design consultants don't demand window offices.

8. If you decide to take the project in a different direction, design consultants don't argue and complain that you're not being true to their "vision."

7. Two words: Readable documents.

6. Design consultants never tell you that they just have to have $5000 worth of the latest hardware to get anything done.

5. Design consultants don't run up huge office phone bills talking to their cousin in Mumbai.

4. Design consultants don't choke your Internet connection downloading pornography.

3. Design consultants don't get low morale, poor productivity, or a bad attitude. They want to work for you. They're begging to work for you.

2. Design consultants don't resign in the middle of the project and take all your documents to your biggest competitor. Any consultant who tried it would never get another client.

and the #1 reason to use a design consultant...

1. Design consultants really know game design – if they don't, they don't eat. A design consultant is a full-time professional, not just somebody with a great idea.


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