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These are some nice things people have said to or about me.

    "My team and I really enjoyed Ernest's workshops. It was a great opportunity to have the game designers who normally work individually collaborate on different game ideas that require them to think outside of the box and step out of their comfort zone. We appreciated Ernest's no-bulls__t approach, and game designers of all levels of experience took something from the workshops. The lectures were great, and the team work ideas original. We look forward to working with Ernest again in the future."

      — Simon Papineau, Head of Production, Frima Studio, Quebec City, Canada

    "The feedback from this event was incredibly positive and the students couldn't stop talking about the weekend when they showed up to class on Monday. You did a great job and your presence here has contributed immensely to our ability to move this program forward at our campus."

      — Eric Segarra, Dean of the Games and Simulation Programming program, DeVry University, Arlington, Virginia

    "The positive effect that your review of our students work had on the confidence and self-esteem of the students concerned cannot be overstated. I thank you on their behalf."

      —  Karl Sandison, Programme Director Entertainment Systems, Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

Blog entry posted 27 May 2006 following my lecture at the Narrative Lab, De Montfort University:

    "...and what he had to say was mind blowing.

    Until Ernest, my view of games was that they were ... over there and nothing to do with me, or indeed, anyone who had a serious job to do.

    Ernest started by explaining some of the concepts in games: how they are designed, different structures and their implications, and some of the dilemmas inherent in games production.

    Interesting, accessible, absorbing.

    Then we moved into philosophy, and goodness me, Star Trek, parallel universes and should we have a monarchy weren't in it. It was completely fascinating, and suddenly games were at the centre of experience — as metaphors and in their own right. Far from being artificial constructs, separate from everyday lived experience, games replicated, or even provided inherently in themselves, the direct involvement of the participants in the business of being human. And guess what? They are a social contract. Just like life outside games. I was going to say "just like real life", but the point that I'm trying to make is that games are real life.

    Once you have understood this about games, you have a sense of a huge chasm opening. Far from being peripheral, games have limitless (it seems to me at the moment) potential and opportunities. That is to say, we don't know yet how to use this form of communication."

    "Your lecture at the 'writing for interactivity' workshop was a great success - the participants all asked me to thank you for your clarity, and also your willingness to discuss the issues over lunch... I enjoyed your presentation for the workshop, and felt it addressed just the issues that needed illuminating, using an approach which made things clear to a range of participants with differing experience. Thank you!"

      — Maureen Thomas, Creative Director, Cambridge University Moving Image Studio.

    "Our students loved your speech and presentations the following day!  I do hope that we will have you back in the future. Many faculty and staff commented that you were the BEST graduation speaker to date!"

      — René Garetino, Dean of Students, Collins College, Tempe, Arizona.

    "A great workshop! I found Ernest Adams to be a well-spoken, sympathetic and experienced lecturer. The single day with him was a great learning experience I wouldn't want to miss — and it was over all too soon. After a few hours I found myself and my teammates with an idea for a computer game we would never have thought of."

      — Nicolaas Bongaerts, Student, Games Academy, Berlin, Germany