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Before you can build an excellent game, you must have an excellent design.

With 29 years in the interactive entertainment industry, 8 of them at Electronic Arts and Bullfrog Productions, I specialize in creating:

  • Exciting, well-balanced gameplay
  • Crisp, uncluttered user interfaces
  • Rich, three-dimensional characters and believable plots
  • Clear, thorough, and unambiguous design documents
  • Practical, buildable designs — no impossible ideas or big changes halfway through

Whether you need a full-scale design for a game or just one area to be fleshed out, I'll do it for you efficiently and affordably. I can work alone or in concert with other people, and I can help tailor your design to your available resources and your team's strengths.

Modern game design requires a variety of documents for different purposes. I can work with you to create:

  • High concept statements (2-3 pages to generate initial discussion)
  • Position papers (10-20 pages, to propose a game to a publisher or your own management)
  • Full-scale design documents (50 pages and up, for your team to work from)
  • Audio and video recording scripts
  • Backstory, character backgrounds, dialog, manuals — see the Creative Writing page

I'm interested in a wide range of genres, including:

Strategy (RTS or turn-based)

Role-Playing Games


Sports games

Online games

 "Casual" games

Kids' games

Games for girls

Educational software

I design for hardware of all kinds, from handhelds to massively multiplayer online games. Send me E-mail and let's talk.

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